Monday, June 22, 2015

POST#5: Father's Day

Yesterday was Fathers day, a day to celebrate the quiet contribution of the hero. Just a note for all the fathers and mothers too.

When a daughter gets married, the father gives everything that his daughter needs to lead a life in her new house. Dresses, jewelry, cosmetics,  bed, wardrobes, beddings, AC, television and so on.. sometimes when the in-laws demand and also when they don't demand anything.
But what is the most precious thing that a father gives away? His beloved daughter. A part of the soul of both father and mother. They give away the life they have created, the body they have nourished with all the love all along their life. Is that not enough?

Can't the parents-in-law respect this big sacrifice and welcome their daughter-in -law with open arms? Can't they buy the new gifts for their new daughter instead of begging from her father? Can't they become her own father and mother?

Any day will be a father's day when a girl will stop her father from giving dowry, any day will be a father's day when a man doesn't take a single penny from his father-in-law because he has respect for his own father. Any day will be truly a father's day when a father-in-law will love his daughter-in-law more than his own son.

Until then it will be only a business for archies and flipkart.

Wednesday, February 18, 2015


I am loving writing acrostic poems. I am not a pro but still just enjoying the experience of blog writing. It's night and I will be awake for many more hours. I am an insomnic for which my mother scolds me a lot. But still I love the pin drop silence of night and here goes my new acrostic.


If I tell you night is a thrill,
Nocturne is what my heart sings.
Silence is my love of life
Owl is 'me' but with two wings!
Midnight moon is my food for thought
No one's awake, not the crows, nor the larks.
In a sky so old, so wise and dark,
A million stars with glittering sparks!

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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

POST#5: Warble of Life

Blog and Me

This post should have been the first post in my blog but fortunately it is not. The idea of writing a blog is nothing new. The reason behind opening this blog is self-exploration. My life is going through a rough patch of time or perhaps it is being brushed up repeatedly for unearthing some precious virtues of mine. Time is testing my patience just like it does with anybody. I trip over and I stand up again.

I have nothing to do other than observing the beautiful modulation of highs and lows that life is offering me. When I experienced an outburst of emotions, I took out a pen and wrote down my experiences, my emotions, some thoughtful analysis and then erased them when I regained my conscience.

I changed my mind. I decided to pen down the intonation of my inner voice. When we sum up all these inflections camouflaged in forms of merry and sad emotions, it becomes a song. Hence I named this blog "Warble of Life".

Debaleena Ghosh

POST#4: My Friend

This poem is dedicated to a friend which most of us have in our lives. A sibling.


By Debaleena Ghosh

It was a cold shabby December morning,
I heard I've got a friend!
I went to meet him in the eve
Joys seem to have no end!

He was all bald,
Not a single hair on head,
Rolled up in a pink blanket
In his dear and embracing bed.

Just as I bent to look at him
He started crying with his mouth open,
His innocent frowns, a tiny red tongue
As fresh as a bud with drops of rain.

I kept on wondering
What was he ?
A friend or a gift?
Or a reason of glee?

He is my merry moments
The sweetest companion ever,
His smiles and giggles
Are my prayers forever.

I still keep on wondering
What is he?
Sometimes John Cena,
Sometimes Messi!

My tears, my pain,
My loss, my gain.
My sunshine, my cloud,
A silent poem or a music loud!

Can't ask for more to life
Not a friend another,
My strength, my life
My cute little brother!

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Monday, February 16, 2015


Life means moving on! This is my first attempt for an acrostic. Hope you will like it! :)


Andrew was sitting in front of his laptop.

Wondering if he should donate "that" online?
He was confused for the first time in life,
Eccentric silence was engulfing him.
Every corner of the room was screaming.
Left the laptop and went close to it.
Caressed the back and the arms of it,
How she spent the last years with it, yet smiling!
As if he could feel once again her thin pale arms, her waiting eyes.
It was cancer that snatched his wife.
Returned to his laptop and clicked "Donate".

By Debaleena Ghosh

POST#2: Kintsugi

The other side of Kintsugi

By Debaleena Ghosh

Once upon a time
I was a 'girl',
A gawky lass
Who played with her curl.

Once upon a time
The girl had a heart,
That was tender like petals of spring
One day tore apart!

The cracks were deep,
Blood flooded out,
She clasped her heart
But would never weep.

The cracks went deeper,
The walls got harder,
Lubdubs were empty,
Life led here nowhere.

A storm of dust,
Dust of gold
Filled up with trust
Splashed upon her soul.

Past no more haunted her,
No more did she regret,
The cracks were embellished
With gold called love.
She never hid,
She never escaped,
Proudly proclaimed
Her life,

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Friday, February 13, 2015

POST#1: The Embodiment of My Soul

My tribute to Love

I ventured to find within myself for years long,
I looked deep into the abyss of my darkened heart
In search of “the soul”,
The biggest puzzle of my life!
I struggled to know the one who’s there
Hidden under the wraps of my flesh,
Who’s the one that keeps my nerves alive?

Despair, abhor and fear
Filled the rim of my tender heart.
The waves of loneliness splashed
Lost in a loop of loss and gain,
It returned with empty hands
But came back again!

One starry night just as my tears were
On the verge of outburst,
From within came an enchanting tune of a hypnotic song
The squall calmed down fast
To make way for the glorious being
Love it was!

Long and sleek.. with tender cheeks,
Sharp nose and soft curvy lips,
Eyes full of mystery
An awestruck me!
The silhouette left me wondering about my existence as a whole
It was no more a tangible enigma
It was you, the embodiment of my soul!

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